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Do you manage documents?

Or, do documents manage you?

Today, the typical high-tech employee will spend 58% of their day working on document related tasks. It will cost on average $180 per employee per day to do this work. 52% of employees will lose at least one document on the company shared drive. 83% will go around in circles trying to find the right version of a document in their inbox. CogniDox saves money by recovering lost time and productivity - and costs less than $1 per day per employee.

These days, the typical employee has far too much work to do and never enough time to do it all. CogniDox can claw back a cool 12.5% of their working week through enhanced productivity.

As a bonus, you get business processes that will make quality certification and compliance easier, your products will be faster to market and you'll have tools to improve customer satisfaction.

Maybe it's time you had a closer look.

We offer products that you can use for internal and/or external document control. If you want an internal solution that is on-premise / behind your firewall then choose the CogniDox DMS option. If you want a private cloud-based document management solution for your internal documents then CDOX is the right option. If you want to publish documents to an external audience then the XtraNet managed customer portal option is the one to consider.

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