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maya_quoteCogniDox could not exist without the help of many open source projects. Perl, Apache and Solr are just a few of the excellent open source packages that help make CogniDox a leading document management system. So, to show our appreciation, we've released a couple of open source projects to help others.

OTRS Joomla! Gateway

Joomla!® is an award winning Content Management System which we've used to create customer extranets. OTRS is a full featured ticket tracking system that we use to support our own customers and it is a supported part of our CogniDox Extranet framework. We thought it would be great if these two tools worked together, so we've created the OTRS Joomla! Gateway component. Read more about it on the project page.

WordBridge: WordPress to Joomla bridge

Each week there are around 3 million posts by bloggers on, and new bloggers typically find WordPress® easy to learn and powerful to use. We wanted to make it possible to use WordPress to write a user or company blog, but use Joomla to manage the overall website. So we created WordBridge. It's an easy-to-configure component that allows you to use WordPress to write and manage your blogs, then publish them automatically to a Joomla website. Read more about it on the project page.


OfficeToPDF is a command line utility that converts Microsoft Office® 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 documents from their native format into PDF using Office's in-built PDF export features. Read more about it on the project page.

Flax Perl Client

CogniDox's flexible search plugin architecture allows us to build interfaces for a number of search systems. We've integrated the open source Flax Search Service for Xapian and as a result of that work we've contributed the Flax Perl client. Read more about it on the project page.

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