OTRS Joomla Gateway

OTRS Joomla Gateway

Let customers access their OTRS tickets through your Joomla! website

We like Joomla®. Its a great for building and maintaining websites. We like OTRS®, the Open-source Ticket Request System. What we’ve done with our OTRS gateway component is allow Joomla sites access to OTRS tickets.

Why a gateway?

Joomla is an extremely powerful CMS with a wide range of extensions. Its templating and component system enables a wide range of functionality to be simply installed while maintaining a consistent look and feel to a website. However, Joomla has lacked a really comprehensive ticketing system.

OTRS is a feature packed ticketing system allowing things like time tracking, email handling and reporting. However, it has its own templating system, so integrating a customer facing interface to an existing website can lead to a duplication of work and a less than seamless customer experience.

Our OTRS Joomla! gateway solves this problem by allowing customers direct access to their tickets via Joomla. OTRS agent users still manage tickets using the OTRS web interface and have access to all the power of OTRS.

Getting the component


If you have any suggestions or problems with the gateway, we have a GitHub project page where you can access the source, submit issues and patches.

We’d really appreciate your review and ranking of this software on the Joomla Extensions Directory website. It helps us to spread the message.


OTRS-Joomla-Gateway on GitHub
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