ISO9001 ready with Cognidox – an overview

4 steps to getting ISO9001 ready Achieving ISO9001 compliance can appear daunting, but while it requires a significant investment in time and resources, using the right document management system can help lighten the load. ISO9001:2015 has four key mandatory requirements — here’s how you can successfully fulfil these in your organisation: STEP 1: QUALITY MANUAL []

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A closer look at Document Control for ISO9001

A closer look at Document Control for ISO9001 What is document control? Properly documented information is at the heart of meeting the ISO9001 standard, and is a key part of providing evidence of conformance. Document control covers how this information is managed. Given that the majority of auditing and compliance verification is through the scrutiny []

Mind the Gap: CAD Product Data Management

A number of CogniDox companies use the tool to store their 2D and 3D CAD drawings, in addition to more typical Office files. In general this is not a cheap or smooth process for them. Drawings are made from parts or components and there are typically a large number of assembly parts/number of alignments of []

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What makes a great Document Management System?

What makes a great Document Management System? Your documents are your everything. Contracts, client details, employee details, invoices, minutes of meetings, future plans, company finance information – the list is (potentially) endless. But are your documents secure? True, so I’m guessing you’re savvy enough to back up your various files in, well, various places, an []

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The Scale-up Process Gap and the Business Model Canvas

In part one of this series we argued that one key ingredient for a successful scale-up company is optimisation of their business processes at the right time. In part two, after a short review of options, we suggested that the Business Model Canvas might be a very suitable tool for solving this problem. Advice to []

The Scale-up Process Gap – Getting Started

Our opening post on this theme introduced the problems that companies face as they transition from start-up to scale-up mode. In addition to the gaps identified by others, we identified the Process Gap as one that needs closing if a company is to successfully scale. To help re-establish the context, here’s a spot-on quote from []

The Process Gap for Scale-up companies

It seems everyone is talking about Scale-up companies these days. The term has been around since at least 2013 (see for example this blog by Brad Feld). Two reasons why the term has become more popular are the publication of Verne Harnish’s 2014 book “Scaling Up”, and Sherry Coutu’s “The Scale-up Report on UK Economic Growth”, also []

Version 1.7 of OfficeToPDF available

Today we released version 1.7 of our OfficeToPDF open source project for PDF conversion. You can read more about the project here on this website and download the latest version from our CodePlex page. Updates available in release 1.7: IF fields are properly updated prior to PDF creation Additional file type supported: vdx, vdw, emf, []

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