New site launched



We've given the CogniDox website something of a facelift, and, since we can, we're using our own CogniDox Joomla integration to publish content from our CogniDox systems to the site. The most obvious are our tutorial videos, which we script, review and publish out of CogniDox.

We've also started using Flowplayer as the player of hosted flash videos.

Tags: Joomla, Web Publishing, business management tools

Paul Walsh

Written by Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh was one of the founders of Cognidox. After a period as an academic working in user experience (UX) research, Paul started a 25-year career in software development. He's worked for multinational telecom companies (Nortel), two $1B Cambridge companies (Ionica, Virata), and co-founded a couple of startup companies. His experience includes network management software, embedded software on silicon, enterprise software, and cloud computing.