Powerful Features for Smart Document Management

There are many document management solutions out there. But none of them are so perfectly-matched to the requirements of R&D product teams.

Document Control

ISO standards-compliant procedures for information governance; including version control, review/approval cycle, access control, and auditability.

Search Engine

Incorporates the powerful open source Apache Solr enterprise search platform for relevance-based full-text search. Perfect for document findability.


Business process documents can be routed to users for their action. Set up flexible routing rules based on type of request, document type and security profile.


Security profiles applied to document sets or to categories provide very fine-grained control over who can see documents, and what further rights they have to change them.


Shared notes are just one way to mark-up documents sent to you for review. Email notifications keep everyone informed and on schedule to complete their tasks.

Graphical QMS

Create a Graphical Quality Management System as a set of web pages. Provides a strong focal point for your quality initiative and improves adoption.

Office Integration

Save work directly from Word, PowerPoint and Excel into the CogniDox document repository. Clone or compare Word documents to save time and see differences.

Document Holders

Compound documents use easy-to-edit XML to create a set of linked documents that can be published. Perfect for listing the components of a product release. Specify fixed issue numbers or keep it dynamic using the Latest and Approved tags.


Exchange data directly with engineering, sales and help desk tools such as Subversion, SugarCRM and OTRS. Use JSON to create data mashups or our SOAP API for integration.

Document Analytics

Uses the open source Piwik web analytics application to track internal usage, see the most read documents on the site, or set up a goal for a particular document you want people to view.

Release Management

Build an end-to-end software release tool-chain with integration for code version control, bug tracking and software build tools.

Content Marketing

Streamline your content marketing initiatives with blog posts created and approved in CogniDox and published directly to WordPress.

Knowledge Base

Use the built-in HTML editor to directly create and edit Knowledge Base articles for inclusion as frequently-asked questions on your help desk / support site.

Private Workspaces

Create private workspaces for open innovation partners. Provides all CogniDox features but a limited view of document categories.


Upload popular video formats and play directly in CogniDox. Great for team training, visual bug reporting, and more

View Policies

Automated acknowledgement that employees have read and accepted employment policies. Policies can be repeated on a rolling schedule.