Trusted by the world's most advanced companies

Cognidox has a long track record of creating value for our customers. We work across a wide range of business size, and with companies in many parts of the world. Most of our customers are in the Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Electronics, Renewables, Nanotechnology, Printing, and Biotechnology sectors.

Here are some of our users:

Analogix Azuri Technologies
Cambridge Broadband Networks Cambridge CMOS Sensors
Conexant CRFS Cambridge Silicon Radio
DisplayLink Elektron eoSemi
Ikanos Intel M2FX
Mindspeed Neul
Nujira oncam-rounded Owlston
Pico Technology Ranplan
Samsung Solarflare
Solar Junction Sphere Fluidics MedM
Veebeam Velocix
Xaar Zenterio