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document control for fabless semiconductor companies

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Document anarchy is costing business around the world, millions of pounds every year in wasted time, resource and failed projects.


To keep big SOC (system on chip) projects on track you need complete control over the way your documents are handled. From ‘tapein’ to ‘tapeout’, you need to ensure documents are kept secure, formally reviewed and approved before use.

Our new eBook is a guide to everything you need to know about improving your process and competitive edge through imposing document control.

The eBook explores:

  • Why managing projects with Google Drive, DropBox and email could be costing you £10Ks every year.
  • Why document controls are vital to a successful NPD process
  • Why document control is central to gaining ISO 9001:2015
  • How a document control system can be right-sized to your needs
  • How to take control of your document lifecycle and maximise your productivity.

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