gBMS 07: Developing your gBMS

How to allow a select group of users preview your changes without affecting your live site

About this video

Most users access your company gBMS through the 'front door' (the main gBMS icon on your Cognidox Home page). They see the latest released version of your gBMS.

Using the following methods, you can develop your site and make changes, without them showing on your live site:

  • By using draft versions of gBMS-related documents. Since your live site only displays released versions, most users won't see changes going on under the hood until you up-issue and release new versions.
  • By creating a totally separate development area: a complete gBMS site in a security-protected Cognidox category, only visible to users with sufficient access privileges. You can change the settings so that these users see 'latest' rather than 'released' versions of files.

In this video, Tom explains the principles behind the second method (the details are in this article).

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