gBMS 02: Behind the scenes

Visio, links, navigation, and PDF display

About this video

This video follows directly on from Part 1 (the introduction). In it, Tom talks about the following:

  • How Visio files are used to generate the gBMS web pages
  • How links and navigation work in the gBMS
  • How Cognidox files (such as Word and Excel documents) can be displayed as PDFs within the gBMS web interface
  • Using pop-up windows for displaying bite-sized, short-form topics, rather than full-blown PDFs
  • Allowing users to download files directly from a gBMS web page
  • Opening a Cognidox category directly from the gBMS

Check out the video:

Useful links

Here are some links to the Cognidox online Help that you might find useful:

What next?

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