Startup Toolkit

Tools save time for busy Startups and help accelerate their businesses by making them more efficient.

It’s especially good if the tool is free or very low-priced. Here at CogniDox we’ve curated a collection of links to over 450 business tools and organized them into a Mindmap for easy browsing. We’d like to share this with you, in the hope that you will find it as useful as we do.

The tools are sorted according to what we call the Six Abilities Framework, which is a model of the skills required to form and grow a technology Startup. Put simply, in a startup company you need to wear six hats, and usually there are less than six people to wear them!

You can read more about the framework in our SlideShare presentation, or you can start to use the interactive mind map tool below. Click on any wizard hat icon to expand a category. Click on any node to expand or contract it, or click on the arrow links to open the tool’s web site.

The collection has been updated many times since its launch in 2011, but is still evolving. We’ve got lots of ideas for extending it. If you have suggestions for tools you’ve found useful (please say why), email us at and we’ll do our best to include your recommendation.