a complete guide to medical device development

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If you want to be a medical device developer you need a great idea for a product, as well as the ability to build it.
But if you want to be a successful medical device developer, you’re going to need to do considerably more than that.

Building a medical device for the European or US markets requires a new level of consistency and rigour from developers entering the space.

This guide will help you understand: 

  • What type of device you are developing
  • How the regulatory requirements differ between types of device
  • How to navigate the design and development process
  • What will be required from you at key stages in the process
  • Why project planning and Quality Management considerations must be a top priority

    Because, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your idea is – without being able to satisfy investors, colleagues and the inspectorate that your approach can deliver a serviceable product that functions in accordance with all regulatory requirements - you’re unlikely to ever make it through to launch.

This guide is designed to help you overcome those hurdles and reap the commercial rewards from a properly planned and managed medical device development cycle.

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