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A simple guide to types of non-conformity

Definitions of non-conformity you can use in your Quality Management System (PDF format)


How to categorise non-conformities

This PDF download includes definitions for 4 severity levels that you can use to categorise non-conformities that arise in your products and process

  • Critical: Existential risk to customers or your business.

  • Major: Significant risk to final product or service quality.  

  • Minor: No significant risk to final product or service quality. 

  • Opportunity for improvement: Non-critical, non-systemic. 

Download and use the definitions to assess the risk of non-conformances and trigger corrective action when required.


Set up consistent criteria for assessing potential risk of NC

Distinguish between major and minor non-conformances

Trigger appropriate correction and investigation

Ensure action taken is proportional to risk 

Easy for everyone to read and understand

Meet quality management requirements of ISO 13485 and ISO9001

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