Cloud, Document Management

CDOX – CogniDox in the Cloud – is our cloud-based document management service. CDOX builds on the “be productive from anywhere” advantages of web-based CogniDox to deliver the extra benefits of cloud computing.

It has the same features as CogniDox DMS, but the pricing model is different. Rather than pay for user licenses, payment is for the specification of the virtual server. You can have as many users as you want using your CDOX service.

CDOX runs as a virtual machine (VM) that is configured just like hardware to design the server that is exactly right for your needs. Some companies may have lots of users and relatively few (but large-sized) documents. For others, it will be the other way around. We’ve named some standard out-of-the-box configurations to give you an idea on cost:

With CDOX you pay a quarterly subscription fee, which covers the use of the virtual cloud server and the software license. The number of documents assumes average-sized Microsoft Office files, and the number of users is just an indicator and not a limit.

Benefits of CDOX

More and more businesses are turning to CDOX as the best way to securely manage their documents.

CDOX uses a single-tenant, Private Cloud environment for each individual company so it has the security and control that you need. The service is set up and run just for you, and protected from other cloud instances by a firewall. Just like the server in your on-site server room.

There is a choice of nine worldwide data centres which helps to improve local access times to documents.

You don’t just save on the server and networking hardware costs. We do the server set-up and maintenance – including security updates. This frees your IT staff for other business projects.

CDOX is a highly-scalable solution. If your CDOX system runs short on memory, data bandwidth or storage, it will be automatically increased. You’ll be asked to pay for the extra resources (or scale back), but your usage will not be interrupted in the meantime. You don’t have to budget  for maximum load prediction, as you would with on-premise hardware.

Automatic, server-side PDF conversion is included in the service.

You don’t have to budget for data backup either – it’s done for you as part of the service (and the backup data is encrypted at-rest for extra security). You can develop other business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios by using extra CDOX sites for redundancy.