gQMS Pricing

Licensing for the gQMS follows an Editor / Reader model, where editors are able to create and manage procedures and everybody else in the organisation is able to read and use them.

Editors must number at least 10% of total user base e.g. for a company with 100 employees, there must be at least 10 editors.

The gQMS package is available as a standalone product for any customer just requiring a QMS solution (i.e. without a CogniDox enterprise-wide document control features). If you do want to add other CogniDox features, we provide an easy upgrade path. CogniDox / CDOX customers are automatically granted a gQMS license.

A gQMS can be deployed on premise or hosted by us as a managed Private Cloud solution. All managed cloud gQMS files are regularly backed-up by us and stored as encrypted content. You can choose where to host your cloud-based gQMS from any of the 9 globally distributed data centres that we offer.

If you would like to try gQMS for yourself, click the “Get in Touch” button for a demo or a 30-day free trial.



Customers get everything they need to build a gQMS. This includes software, gQMS template, documentation, on-premise installation support or cloud server set-up, training, and ongoing technical support services.

You don’t need to buy additional development or consultancy services.

But, if you do prefer extra help, we can oblige. Cognidox works with trained and certified Quality Management consultancy partners who are capable of providing gQMS training and/or development services. A list of current gQMS Certified Partners is available here.