XtraNet – Instant Partner Extranet

XtraNet is an instant, cloud-based web portal solution – we call it Extranet-as-a-Service. It saves you from having to make your own web hosting arrangements, and it’s a fully-managed service so you can freed from monitoring and maintenance tasks.

We can tailor XtraNet to your specific needs, but it also comes as pre-packaged configurations ranging from the smaller to the larger. Here is a selection of three packages to help you estimate your budget:

With XtraNet you pay a quarterly subscription fee, which covers the use of the virtual cloud server and the software license. It is hosted as a private cloud service at a data centre near your customers (there are nine locations to choose from).

There are no “set-up” or “on-boarding” charges, and you don’t have to worry about software updates, uptime or other monitoring – we do that for you. Instead of a lengthy and expensive “consulting” period we will customise the look and feel to match your corporate brand within hours, so you can get value from your XtraNet within days.