Cloud-based Document Management

CDOX provides the features of CogniDox DMS but is hosted in the Cloud. It’s web-based and can be used from any location by any user with authentication rights.

Private Cloud

Each CDOX system is built as a virtual private server (VPS) specifically for the company using it. No shared multi-tenant systems here.


All files uploaded or downloaded are encrypted with a 2048-bit SSL certificate. User access is authenticated and actions are logged in an event history. Features such as Private Workspaces and Security Profiles provide fine-grained control not just over document access, but also on document operations.

Global Data Centre

Choose one or more data centre locations to host your CDOX from the nine on offer: UK (2), USA (3), Canada, Netherlands, China, and Australia.


CDOX follows your corporate design “look and feel”.

Fully Managed

CDOX is setup, monitored and maintained by us. There are no system administration tasks for your IT staff. You will always be using the most up-to-date version. Data backup and PDF conversion are included in the price.

Pricing information for CDOX is available here. You can download the product datasheet (PDF) here.