On-Premise CogniDox

The On-Premise DM Solution

CogniDox DMS is installed on-premise, using servers belonging to you, with either a subscriptions or a perpetual licensing model.

CogniDox is web-based software for Lean document management. It saves people from wasting time looking for documents gone missing on file shares, email inboxes, or co-worker computers. In any document-centric process, CogniDox creates value by streamlining the document lifecycle process through review, approval, and publishing.

CogniDox is uniquely designed for High-tech, CleanTech and Medtech companies. No other DMS fits as well into the Product lifecycle by integration with development tools and when publishing content to customers and partners.

We provide as standard features missing from most DM systems:

  • Document types for contained documents, compound documents, web archives, and software releases
  • Content licensing & publishing ‘engine’ for sharing files with suppliers, partners, customers, etc.
  • Full-text search engine that lets users easily find the information that they need
  • Tools for annotating documents to enable the sharing of document review notes
  • Direct access from Microsoft Office and Outlook applications to CogniDox document repository
  • Document analytics to help analyse how documents are used by employees and customers

Pricing information for on-premise CogniDox is available here. You can download the product datasheet (PDF) here.