XtraNet helps people in Marketing, Operations and Product Management roles who need to create a partner or customer web portal, but can’t get help they need to build it from their over-worked IT colleagues. The portal is used for outbound publishing of documents, videos, artwork, software files or any other digital content; with access rights controlled by a secure licensing engine.

Private Cloud

Each XtraNet system is built as a virtual private server (VPS) specifically for the company using it. No shared multi-tenant systems here.


All files uploaded or downloaded are encrypted with a 2048-bit SSL certificate validated for each customer domain. Backup data is encrypted at-rest. User and client access is authenticated and actions are logged in an event history.

Global Data Centres

Choose the data centre location nearest to your users or customers (or both). Be compliant with any data regulatory governance that may apply.


Don’t build the brand of some file-sharing service. Build your own brand instead. XtraNet follows the design of your other web properties to appear as an integrated part of your company’s assets.

Fully Managed

Your XtraNet is setup, monitored and maintained by us. You decide who gets access and add the content.

Pricing information for XtraNet is available here. You can download the product datasheet (PDF) here.