gQMS – Graphical Quality Management System

Our QMS is the way we work here…

Our goal is to make it possible for every company, small as well as large, to be able to turn their quality management system (QMS) into an enterprise-wide, web-based tool. It can be standalone or part of a wider Intranet, but we want to take static diagrams and turn them into visual, interactive, and dynamic pages that employees can use with any web browser, from any device.

It is what we call a graphical QMS (gQMS).

To achieve this, all we have to do is to turn any Quality Manager into a Webmaster.

The gQMS builds on Cognidox technology for web content management to do just that. The only tools required for building a gQMS are familiar ones such as Microsoft Excel, Visio or PowerPoint. No HTML, JavaScript, or CSS skills are required. If you can edit an Excel spreadsheet to define a menu structure for navigation, and save a diagram as a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file, you are able to build a gQMS.

Best of all, procedure diagrams can be edited to provide links to all sorts of useful content; document templates, more detailed instructions, blank forms to fill in, pop-up help text, or short training videos to watch.

A QMS is not useful if it ends up as “shelfware” in ring binders or a filing cabinet, only ever referenced by consultants and analysts. It’s essential that business flow diagrams and standard operating procedures are used on a constant basis by employees as they meet customer requirements. A gQMS is a great pathway to continuous process improvement and shows a true commitment to quality management.

Information Security and Analytics

Editors can use security features such as private workspaces, limited access groups, security profiles and user document rights to decide who gets to see the final gQMS and who has access to the parts that it contains. You can tie the gQMS into our Web Analytics and Reporting capability to discover which procedures are being used most.

On Premise or Private Cloud

You have the choice: build your gQMS system on premise using your own servers, or have it hosted as a virtual private server (VPS) at one of our 9 globally-distributed data centres.

Pricing information for gQMS is available here. You can download the product datasheet (PDF) here.