Integrate CogniDox with other tools

Because we focus on High Tech product development we are keen to integrate with other software tools in the same space. We use our API and plug-in architecture to exchange data with other web-based and desktop applications.

Software Development Tools

For example, software developers use configuration management tools (e.g. CVS, SVN, Perforce) to manage their code. CogniDox can connect to those tools so that a ‘commit’ automatically triggers an update to the software’s part number in CogniDox. Developers also routinely use bug tracking systems such as Bugzilla and Trac – it’s possible to link a bug number to a CogniDox part number for example to keep a note that if the software changes, a document such as a user guide must change too.

Salesforce Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are used in the sales team to keep track of customer engagement. It’s possible to automatically create Licensee records in CogniDox that are copies of the CRM account. This gives an end-to-end lifecycle approach – after a customer sale has been made it can be passed over to CogniDox for content entitlement management.

Technical Support Tools

Help desk systems (e.g. OTRS) are often used to provide technical support to customers. CogniDox can keep track of open tickets so that product managers can keep an eye on current problems alongside the release of new content.

Analytics Tools

It is possible to use web analytics tools (e.g. Piwik) to monitor how content is being used – which documents are the most read, for example.

Content Management Tools

Because so much of our work involves web publishing, last but not least in importance are our plug-ins and portal templates for leading content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.