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A dynamic, supplier assessment tool that you can customise to become part of your QMS (Excel format)



How do you monitor supplier performance?

Supplier relationships are the lifeblood of your operations. But do you have a repeatable system to fairly and consistently measure supplier performance? 

If not, you could easily overlook serious quality issues or miss vital opportunities for improvement within the supply chain.

Our unique supplier scorecard is a dynamic Excel template developed by quality expert Tom Gaskell.

It's designed to help you establish an effective supplier assessment process within your quality management system.  

Easily support a supplier review process that meets your business needs

Consistently assess the quality of supplier’s services over time

Benchmark performance against  existing and potential suppliers

Help determine corrective action to manage and optimise supplier performance

Meet supplier management requirements of ISO 13485 and ISO9001

Add your own quality measures and adjust score weighting as required

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