WordPress or Joomla? Don’t make me choose!

WordBridge allows you to use WordPress to write and manage your blogs, then publish them automatically to a Joomla website using this easy-to-configure component. You get all the best features of WordPress for blogging, and all the best features of Joomla for web content management.

You don’t have to use an unfamiliar blog editing tool or a tool in Joomla that resembles WordPress. There’s no need for a one-off migration, export or conversion from WordPress. Simply configure WordBridge with your blog address and then all your WordPress edits and posts appear directly on your Joomla site. No need to worry about formatting: posts appear using your Joomla templates and stylesheets. Easy!

If desired, you can even merge different WordPress blogs into one site.

Once WordBridge is managing the blogs on your Joomla site it can make direct calls to WordPress tools to display by category or tag. You can search the blog contents. It supports all the links that your WordPress blog provides, such as add comment, like on Facebook, send a Tweet and so on. It uses SEO-friendly URL links too.

Support for self-hosted WordPress sites

If you are using Release 0.5 or later of WordBridge we can also offer support for self-hosted WordPress sites when used in conjunction with our WordBridge Pro plugin for WordPress. This is available for download from You must install this plugin into your WordPress site.

If you would like to know how, you can watch the video of WordBridge Pro in action.

Getting the component


If you have any suggestions or problems with WordBridge, we have a GitHub project page where you can access the source, submit issues and patches.

We’d really appreciate your review and ranking of this software on the Joomla Extensions Directory website. It helps to spread the message.