Cognidox referral scheme

A lot of our customers come to us after hearing about us from friends, colleagues or their professional network. We are truly grateful for these referrals. As a thank you, we have launched our referral scheme.

It’s simple. If you refer someone whom we have not interacted with before, and they go on to become a customer of Cognidox, we will supply you with one of the following referral thank you rewards:*

  • Latest Apple watch series 8
  • Latest iPad 10th Gen


* - We retain the right to supply Amazon vouchers to the equivalent purchase price as this may make more sense for shipping purposes

All you need to do is send an email following the guide below. That’s it – we will take it from there. We will confirm if the contact is a qualifying referral within 7 days of receipt. We will then get in touch asking what thank you reward you want if the referral leads to a new Cognidox customer.

Referral Scheme process

Just send an email introduction following the guide below:

To: email of the person you are introducing & also to Simon <>

Subject: Introduction

Dear/Hi [First name]

Can I introduce you to Simon at Cognidox? He will be able to provide you with details of the Cognidox document management solution.

[Provide your simple one-line summary of why you think Cognidox would be great for the person you are introducing.]

All the best

[Your name]

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