Supplier Management

Benchmark and control supplier quality in a way that works for you

Service Supplier Assessment Scoresheet

Automate a consistent review process for supplier performance

Companies need a repeatable system for managing and measuring supplier quality. ISO 13485, and the FDA regulation require you to:

  • Evaluate and select suppliers based on quality criteria
  • Ensure suppliers are meeting all required quality standards
  • Maintain documented procedures for evaluating supplier quality
  • Maintain records of supplier evaluation
  • Flag when changes need to be made in your supply roster

Supplier relationships are key to maintaining quality in your end products, but you need to set KPIs and manage third-party performance in a way that works for you.

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How Cognidox helps

Cognidox provides supplier-quality scorecard templates and workflows that meet required standards while keeping your process Lean, flexible and effective.

Cognidox’s flexible eQMS helps you:

  • Meet ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and FDA regulations for supplier management
  • Build bespoke supplier quality management procedures
  • Customize your evaluation criteria and scoring system
  • Configure supplier scorecards to reflect the way you work
  • Track supplier quality over time
  • Compare performance with other suppliers
  • Trigger action to improve supplier performance

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