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Document control for high tech product developers

Enabling innovators to innovate

When products are complex and deadlines are tight, you can’t afford to lose momentum. But document anarchy and siloed operations slow up even the best high-tech developers. 

It doesn’t need to be like this. A controlling document management platform can help keep everything and everybody on track.

How the Cognidox DMS helps

See how we have helped one of our customers control their complex product development process.

DisplayLink Case Study Video - Cognidox comp

Cognidox was designed with the high-tech sector in mind. It has been built to deliver quality control, visibility and regulatory compliance

Project governance

A framework to plan, implement gate control and access control, and share with third parties where needed.


Multi-format document management means our system is compatible with countless format types from CAD to video.

Painless compliance

ISO demands document control procedures. A flexible, powerful document management system makes compliance easy.

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