About Cognidox

Cognidox started life as “Doxbox” – an in-house tool for a fabless semiconductor company called Virata. The goal was to make product development better by breaking down barriers between teams and making peer reviews much easier to do.

As Virata grew from start-up to a publicly-listed company with a $1B market cap, the tool helped us to manage explosive growth in customer engagement. We achieved the twin goals of improving our internal processes and securely sharing product design information with customers.

When the chance came to acquire the Doxbox IPR, we took it. With a new name, we started to offer the solution to other companies. We found a market that was dominated then by ECM software that was expensive and difficult to use. Because we had features that had been proven to work and could be used by people with only minimal training, we had a great response. Users would frequently recommend Cognidox to friends or a new employer.

Cognidox became a key tool for companies who had never considered using a document management system before, and we were their first solution.

Today, we have customers in over a dozen industry sectors.

Cognidox was founded by Vittal Aithal and Paul Walsh. The company is based in Cambridge, UK. It’s not only a beautiful and historical location, but an area packed with companies working on amazing technology innovations.

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