Lean document management system

Rapid growth demanded a scalable solution

DisplayLink employed Cognidox for complex product development



Supporting over 140 employees in product development


Consistently rated 'outstanding' by ISO


Reduced waste and leaner processes

The complexity of their products and the rapid pace at which they were growing meant DisplayLink needed to implement a solution early on; one that would instil program governance, scale with them, and complement their growth.

Now, their application of Cognidox extends beyond product development as it has organically spread to new areas of the organisation.

Jonathan Jeacocke, Vice President Technology
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Scaling to support business growth, read the story of Cognidox and DisplayLink. 


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David Ahern, CEO
Coalesce: Top level quality implementation and flawless audits

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Cognidox perfectly met the needs of their industry’s requirements.


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Fast implementation and successful ISO 13485 audit

Cognidox helped Coalesce deliver a level of quality control that impressed auditors

Accuracy for ISO 13485


Accuracy and order across thousands of internal documents
Helpful DMS technical support


A knowledgeable support team who could assist with implementation
Cognidox Icons_ Flexibility


A flexible system that could be tailored to the business’ requirements

The medical device industry is notorious for the high volume of technical documentation required. Quality control was needed to manage documentation and satisfy medical-standard compliance regulations.

Coalesce needed a system that would be flexible enough to meet their specific needs and be compatible with existing operations. Following successful ISO 13485 certification, the auditors were impressed with the structure of Coalesce’s quality processes.

Fast set up and adoption to improve systems and processes

The introduction of Cognidox helped UltraSoC establish the structure they needed to grow

Structure provided by Cognidox DMS


Transforming internal processes 
Fast adoption of DMS


Organically spread beyond Engineering to the entire business



Teams found it easy to understand and use

Legacy systems needed to be upgraded in order to support company growth. UltraSoC needed more professionalism and structure.

Cognidox was introduced as a mandated tool but quickly spread into other areas of the business when its effectiveness was recognised. Adoption was organic as it inherently solved problems and provided solutions at every juncture. 


Rupert Baines, CEO
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Cognidox has transformed UltraSoC's product development cycle. Find out more here:


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Mike Ellis, Quality and Business Consultant
Ranplan fast ISO 9001 compliance

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How Cognidox helped Ranplan achieve ISO compliance in just over 90 days.


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ISO compliance in just over 90 days

Cognidox's graphical BMS helped Ranplan Wireless achieve fast ISO 9001 certification

Rigour provided by Cognidox business management system


New processes that are rigorous and sustainable

Cognidox's business management system is intuitive to use

Easy to use

Easy to adopt and intuitive to use

Fast setup for Cognidox business management system

Fast setup

Initial implementation was almost instantaneous

Ranplan had a challenge. After being approached by a large potential customer, one of the requirements as a supplier was ISO 9001. To be sure Ranplan could demonstrate consistency, repeatability and formality, the contract was dependent on certification. The faster they could achieve it, the better.

Cognidox enabled Ranplan to satisfy ISO requirements and formalise their processes across the board. They were ISO certified in just over 3 months.