Customized solutions and services

Some companies are happy to simply access our technical support and product upgrades.

Others know our staff have a wealth of industry specific knowledge and technical expertise. When companies need a specific project or want to extend CogniDox with a feature, they call on us to write the code. We maintain that code for them, and ensure it is compatible with future upgrades.

We keep our costs highly competitive. As a ballpark, off-site code development services cost £500 per day.

Apart from development we can also assist with extra training, information architectures, taxonomies, workflows and many other areas involving document management processes.

We work with a worldwide partner network to ensure our clients receive the services and customized solutions they need. Our competencies in applications such as SugarCRM,, Joomla, Drupal, OTRS, MySQL, jQuery UI, Lucene/Solr, Piwik and many others makes us a strong partner for solving any business problem you may have.

Contact us – we are happy to advise.