Biotech development can be a long and demanding road.

The Cognidox eQMS is here to help you streamline your innovation process and meet your milestones without the stress. Cognidox gives pioneering start-ups the digital framework they need to unlock long-term commercial success through document control.

Scale, focus & get to market quicker

Control the paperwork and automate your process

For biotech start-ups, compliance should be seamless and scalable to your specific needs.

Cognidox empowers you to:

  • Control documents efficiently

  • Manage changes seamlessly

  • Automate SOPs effortlessly

  • Validate requirements quickly

  • Gate project phases clearly

  • Maitigate risks proactively

Digitise and automate your control strategy from the start

Digitise and automate your control strategy from the start

If you’ve got the required document controls in place from the start, you won’t need to back-solve your compliance process to convince investors and auditors in the future.


Here are all the QMS tools you’ll need to automate and control the end-to-end quality management of your product from the outset. Cognidox helps you record and evidence your entire process - from discovery to clinical research, regulatory approval and post-market surveillance.

Standard features

Document control

Workflow automation

Training tools

Software validation

Compliant e-signatures

Quality modules


Meet international regulatory requirements and standards

Meet the requirements of ICH Q8, Q9 and Q10; GxP; GAMP; FDA 21 CFR Part 11; EU GMP Annex 11.

All the support you need with no nasty surprises

Cognidox brings together all the tools for business management and compliance in one easy-to-use package. We’ll help you scale seamlessly with our modular approach and transparent pricing.

Ready to transform your biotech development process?

Cognidox is everything you need to digitise and automate your control strategy, ensuring your pharma and biotech products meet the highest quality standards. Discover how Cognidox can help innovate and accelerate the way you work.

A Guide to GxP

From GDocP to GMP: ensuring data integrity and process control for FDA, EMA, and ISO compliance


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