Insight into the $245 Billion Worldwide Enterprise Software Market


worldwide enterprise software

In a previous blog we threw around some total-size-of-market numbers. Today I see that Gartner has just released numbers specifically pertaining to the 2010 Worldwide Enterprise Software market.

It's worth a combined total of $245 billion apparently.

This represents an 8.5% increase on 2009, which was a bad year down 2.5% compared to 2008. So all is well again.

The top 1-5 companies are Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Symantec in descending order. First prize for 'fastest riser' in the top 25 vendors goes to VMware. Those top 25 vendors account for 68% ($165 billion) between them. That leaves a mere $80 billion to share among the rest of us.

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Paul Walsh

Written by Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh was one of the founders of Cognidox. After a period as an academic working in user experience (UX) research, Paul started a 25-year career in software development. He's worked for multinational telecom companies (Nortel), two $1B Cambridge companies (Ionica, Virata), and co-founded a couple of startup companies. His experience includes network management software, embedded software on silicon, enterprise software, and cloud computing.

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