Announcing the release of Cognidox v10

Cognidox V10 (1)Cognidox’s commitment to improving usability and cross platform accessibility continues with the release of v10. We’ve listened to and worked with our customers to understand their needs and priorities.  As a result, v10 delivers better, more seamless document management functionality through a new user interface, a responsive mobile design, an integrated help system, a new Graphical Business Management layout and much more.

New user interface brings seamless and intuitive navigation across devices 

Cognidox's powerful core functionality has been enhanced by a new, modern user interface.  Every page in Cognidox has been redesigned and is now more responsive and configurable than ever before. In v10, the new interface includes a new Top navigation bar throughout the system and a side bar actions menu on each page.  These give customers a more intuitive experience, optimised for a greater range of screen sizes and device types. As well as the extensive list of actions available in the side bar, most pages have a set of main action buttons at the top which give you quick access to your most commonly-used actions.  Meanwhile, customizable portlets on the homepage still act as the nerve-centre for your company’s document management, helping you access information more quickly and get to work faster whenever you log in.

BMS cognidox page (1)

Cognidox for mobile

We realise our customers are increasingly working remotely and need the flexibility to review, approve, and comment on documents wherever they are. Our new, mobile responsive design is intended to support you in these activities as effortlessly as possible, but with an emphasis on maintaining the security and integrity of documents held within the system.  This is an important consideration as they often contain sensitive IP and personal data. With this mobile solution, no data heavy app downloads or offline storage is necessary - just fast, seamless and highly secure mobile access to all your documents with integral Cognidox functionality optimised for every device.  

Integrated, searchable help feature - with more training videos

To support customers, a new context sensitive, searchable help feature includes comprehensive video introductions and training walkthroughs of key features and functionality.  While our customer service team is always here to help, it’s great for onboarding or answering specific questions, making your business more efficient and self sufficient in their management of the system.

gBMS (1)

New Graphical Business Management System layout

At the same time, a more usable, intuitive and visually accessible gBMS (our Graphical Business Management System) makes v10 an even better tool for company management.  A BMS portlet on the home page can take every member of your team to the visualisations of the structures, processes and workflows that define the way you do business.  

These visualisations are great as training tools and a flexible, updateable knowledge base for your entire business.  They are designed to operate as a central repository for answering questions and providing amplification around the processes and procedures that constitute the ‘way you do things’.  v10 gives you greater choice over layout, supporting a clearer, richer and more customisable design that is personalised to you

Cognidox made better

Supporting a greater range of Linux versions for our enterprise customers, v10 is as usable, secure and robust as you would expect.  Our core functionality remains the same, but has been enhanced and made more accessible by a host of usability improvements. More intuitive designs and GUI help you locate the features and documents you need more easily, get to work quicker and be more productive.

Cognidox continues to improve our document management offering to meet the needs of your company in the most flexible way possible.  Our tools help you streamline product development and quality management, while ensuring the integrity and security of the data, documents, processes and intellectual property that form the bedrock of your business.

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Joe Byrne

Written by Joe Byrne

Joe Byrne is the CEO of Cognidox. With a career spanning medical device start-ups and fortune 500 companies, Joe has over 25 years of experience in the medical device and high-tech product development industries. With extensive experience in scaling businesses, process improvement, quality, medical devices and product development, Joe is a regular contributor to the Cognidox DMS Insights blog where he shares expertise on scaling and streamlining the entire product development cycle, empowering enterprises to achieve governance, compliance, and rigour.

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