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Google Drive Vs Dropbox as Document Management Systems

Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the most popular cloud-based, file-sharing platforms on the market today. ...

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EU Medical Device Regulations are changing. How and why?

From 2020 and 2022, EU Medical Device Regulations will change. This brings certain products into regulatory sc...

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Seven document control pitfalls and how to avoid them

Do your systems give you the kind of control over your documentation which really match the organisational, co...

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How to avoid the med tech graveyard with user centred design

A med tech device that has a poor user experience can be dangerous for consumers and commercially calamitous f...

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Why not just use Google Team Drive as a Document Management System?

Google Team Drive is a service which has been available by default to Business, Enterprise and Education G-Sui...

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Quality Management Vs Compliance.  What's the difference?

For many companies, compliance is, at best, regarded as a necessary evil, and at worst a never-ending ordeal. ...

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How a Document Management System can help you fight hyperscale threats

There is always commercial pressure on product developers to find better and more efficient ways to collaborat...

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The evolution of a quality management system

A focus on a quality management system shouldn’t just mean a ‘box ticking’ exercise for an organisation. And i...

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Box Vs Dropbox as Document Management Systems

Both Box and Dropbox Business are cloud-based file sharing solutions intended to give their customers the free...

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