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How's your Quality Management - Ad hoc, analytical or chaordic?

How can you help your business evolve its mindset to achieve the most instinctive, frictionless and effective ...

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Document Control requirements in ISO 9001:2015; what you need to know

Document control is a key part of any Quality Management System (QMS) and, therefore, a requirement of ISO 900...

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Can a Stage Gate Process ever be agile?

Can you ever make a stage-gate process Agile? Can modern tools and a hybrid approach to Waterfall and Agile br...

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Choosing the best business management software for your company

Not all business management software solutions are created equal. They come in different shapes and sizes, wit...

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Riding the wave of the med-tech quality management challenge

Time and costs can soon rack up in a med tech device design and development cycle. But those who have installe...

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9 ways an Extranet Can Improve your Product Release Process

Issuing a tech product release or a software update can be a challenging process. Handled badly it can result ...

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New IVD regulation is coming. are you ready?

From 2022 the In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (IVDR) will require Notified Body intervention and review for 80...

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The 7 quality management principles and how to live by them

ISO 9001 and its related quality standards are all based on the ‘Seven Quality Management Principles’ defined ...

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Google Drive Vs Dropbox as Document Management Systems

Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the most popular cloud-based, file-sharing platforms on the market today. ...

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