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Why your QMS needs to be an eQMS

If you want to develop a Quality Management System that meets the regulation and powers your commercial succes...

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Compiling a design & development plan for your medical device

What are the planning requirements for a medical device design and development process? And what tools can hel...

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12 issues with virtual team collaboration tools that should worry you

As your computer waits to load up Teams, Zoom, Slack, Accello and countless other collaboration apps every mor...

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Quality Control Vs Quality Assurance. How are they different?

What’s the difference between Quality control and Quality Assurance?

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Pros and cons of a phase gate process in new product development

Will a phase gate process hold back or enhance your new product development? What are the pros and cons of sta...

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Can product innovation happen by accident?

Can product innovation really happen by accident? Penicillin, Viagra and the humble Post-It note were all famo...

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How are lean principles embodied in a good DMS?

Does your Document Management System (DMS) apply the five Lean principles to the way you work?

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7 reasons your business process modelling project is doomed

Companies often embark on business process modelling projects with the best of intentions. Modelling may be a ...

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Managing the change control process for GxP compliance

Change control in life science development is critical to ensuring the ultimate safety of end users. And havin...

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