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Box Vs Dropbox as Document Management Systems

Both Box and Dropbox Business are cloud-based file sharing solutions intended to give their customers the free...

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What investors need to know about your Product Management Process

Founders of companies are often, by necessity, their own Product Managers. They’re often the ones who have mos...

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7 Deadly Sins of the Product Development Process

  OK, we admit it, there are definitely more than 7 deadly sins of the product development process. In fact, t...

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Why design controls matter in Medical Device Development

When it comes to medical device development, the absence of comprehensive design and development documentation...

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Why not just use Box as a document management system?

Box is a popular cloud-based, file sharing solution, designed for use by enterprises to store business documen...

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QMS, eQMS or BMS? What’s the Difference?

There are many pieces of QMS software in the market place designed to help organisations define and embed qual...

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Supply Chain Disruption and the Future of Trust

With a supply chain ripe for digital disruption, high tech manufacturing companies must evolve new ways of man...

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Prince2 and Document Control

Document control is a crucial part of any project management process. In this blog post we ask how the right D...

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3 Product Development Fails that cost a fortune (and a space craft)

We all make mistakes, but when a product development process fails it can have far-reaching financial and comp...

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