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Why corrective action management goes wrong

ISO 13485, the FDA and the MHRA all require medical device manufacturers to have documented corrective action ...

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8 essential succcess drivers in a new product development process

For most high tech companies, developing profitable new products is their entire reason for being. 

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What's new for medical device manufacturers in iso 14971:2019?

The third edition of ISO 14971 (Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices) was released in December 20...

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Looking the wrong way: 7 reasons Document Management Systems fail

Many organisations still operate without a central, shared Document Management System (DMS) that effectively m...

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Announcing the release of Cognidox v10

Cognidox’s commitment to improving usability and cross platform accessibility continues with the release of v1...

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Why not use greenlight guru as your med tech eQMS?

Greenlight Guru has been marketed since 2013 as the first digital eQMS (electronic Quality Management System) ...

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The trick to a painless new product introduction process

Managing an NPI process can be fraught with difficulty as each new initiative brings with it the potential for...

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What is effective CAPA management?

Mastering CAPA management is part of the proactive quality mindset that regulators demand, but it is also an a...

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The New Year Honours Debacle: A document management disaster

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all accidentally published online the addresses of hundreds of celebri...

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