Cognidox announces new e-signature integration with DocuSign

introducing-docusign-pluginCognidox are delighted to announce the release of our new DocuSign e-signature integration. The new plug in is designed to make digital collaboration with third parties easier than ever.

Cognidox adds to our e-signature options

Cognidox already has a robust digital signature solution for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Our system gives you full control over the approval processes required by regulators around the world for medical device development. But to ensure complete data integrity, it’s a closed-loop system. This means only those with Cognidox log-ins can access your documents and approve them with a unique, digital signature.

Now, we know that functionality doesn’t suit every scenario where a business needs a partner to sign a document.

That’s why we developed our new plug-in to allow people outside your organisation to digitally sign documents - without having to log into Cognidox at all.

E-signature plug-in - ideal for contract management

The plug-in is ideal for third-party agreements where you need an authenticated digital signature added to a document, while restricting access to your secure DMS.

These documents might include:

  • Procurement agreements
  • Financial documentation
  • Employment contracts
  • Equipment calibration verifications

How does the plug in work?

it couldn’t be simpler! Once the plug-in is installed you can:

  • Create a document in Cognidox.
  • Select the designated signing locations and parties.
  • Automatically convert the document to PDF
  • Send email requests to the required signatories.
  • Capture signatures directly within the PDF, including date and time stamps.

When the signature is added, the signed PDF is automatically updated within Cognidox and all signatories receive an email copy of the final document for their records.

How Cognidox makes your life easier

The e-signature plug-in ensures the signing process is:

  • Easy to manage - no need to go into the DocuSign interface to configure, send or report on signed documents
  • Plug and play- just update Cognidox with your team’s DocuSign credentials
  • Legally binding - digital signatures applied are the equivalent of wet signatures. DocuSign is a Certifying Authority used by major brands throughout the world.

Managed entirely within Cognidox - a simple dashboard gives you complete visibility of the status of each document, including;

  • Who created the document
  • When requests for signatures were sent
  • Whether and when replies have been received

You’ll also receive email notifications from Cognidox telling you when the process is complete and the new file updated in your system.

So, while the e-signature capture happens outside Cognidox, the platform remains your single source of truth for documentation. The place where every draft, issue and approval of every document is created, updated, labelled and indexed for future retrieval.

With the plug-in, there’s no need to grant multiple partners access to your DMS. Important contracts don’t need to be shared by email where they risk getting lost in the ether or buried in junk folders. And team members can’t lose or misfile signed versions of key documentation.

Cognidox promises continuous improvement

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Cognidox user experience and help our customers work faster and smarter. The new integration is easy to set up and gives you end-to-end control over the process of gathering signatures from third parties, while never compromising speed or security.

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Joe Byrne

Written by Joe Byrne

Joe Byrne is the CEO of Cognidox. With a career spanning medical device start-ups and fortune 500 companies, Joe has over 25 years of experience in the medical device and high-tech product development industries. With extensive experience in scaling businesses, process improvement, quality, medical devices and product development, Joe is a regular contributor to the Cognidox DMS Insights blog where he shares expertise on scaling and streamlining the entire product development cycle, empowering enterprises to achieve governance, compliance, and rigour.

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