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Pricing Principles


We know we offer excellent value so why keep it a secret? All our prices are published on this website and there are no “Contact Sales”, “Request a Quote” or “Price on Application” messages here.


Some companies want an “up-front” Perpetual License with recurring support extensions. Other companies want “pay as you go” Subscription Licenses. We offer both and will happily explain the total cost of ownership (TCO) difference.


Some document management product catalogues run to dozens of pages, with everything split into modules or add-ons. How are you supposed to know if you need some obscure-sounding software widget? We have one price per product. Simple. No chargeable “extras” that you find out you needed only after you’ve got budget approval.

No Hidden Costs

Many companies charge extra for things we include in the price. Installation and system configuration are included in the license. Training (one day) and Support for the first twelve months – included. If you want to install on more than one CPU / server – you pay nothing extra. Support contract extensions are fairly priced at 20% if you have a Perpetual license or included in the price if you have a Subscriptions license.

Try Before You Buy

We have 30 day free trials on all our products. We offer an unconditional return policy within the first 30 days of purchase if you change your mind. If your requirements change and you no longer need CogniDox, it’s simple and easy to leave.