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Tom Gaskell

Tom Gaskell
Tom Gaskell is the founder and director of Primilis Ltd, a UK quality and business consultancy. He has a degree in electronic engineering and a background in radio broadcasting, in front of and behind the microphone (creating the first audio system for the Houses of Parliament, a data comms system for Independent Local Radio, and the first assignable analogue mixing desk). He was a senior consultant with PA Technology for 14 years, developing electronic and electromechanical products and advising clients around the world, before helping to establish its spin-off, UbiNetics, where he was responsible for product quality and manufacturing. He is known for introducing – and has presented papers on – agile manufacturing, and for working with manufacturers in Europe, the USA and the Far East. Tom has been involved with business quality management for more than 18 years and has worked with Cognidox since 2009; he was the original creator of what is now the Cognidox gBMS platform. He specialises in simple, effective graphical quality management systems to ISO 9001 and other standards, and has trained more than 80 customers in the use of the gBMS.

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