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Managing the change control process for GxP compliance

Change control in life science development is critical to ensuring the safety of patients. Having a formal pro...

4 min read

QSR Compliance: What’s inside FDA 21 CFR Part 820?

The FDA’s Quality System Regulation (QSR) for medical device manufacturers is commonly known as FDA 21 CFR Par...

5 min read

What are good documentation practices & how can they best be implemented?

Good documentation practices (also known as GdocP or GDP) are guidelines for document management and control d...

4 min read

8 GMP principles for med tech developers to live by

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are intended to ensure that pharmaceutical products, medical devices and ot...

4 min read

Cognidox v10.1 delivers new features for FDA compliance

Cambridge, UK, 18th Jan 2021: Cognidox, a leading provider of document management solutions for the medical de...

2 min read

Electronic VS Digital Signatures? What do you need for a med-tech eQMS?

Would your business benefit from using electronic signatures within your digital quality management system (eQ...

5 min read

Precious Cargo: Covid-19 Vaccines and Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

The race for the development of a Covid-19 vaccine has been an incredible story of fast tracked innovation. Th...

3 min read

9 ways QMS software helps you maintain & demonstrate GxP compliance

Throughout the med-tech regulatory literature quality systems are cited as the way GxP (current best practice)...

2 min read

The 5 Pillars of GMP in the Pharmaceutical Sector

For pharmaceutical and other life science disciplines, the ‘5Ps of GMP’ are a useful way of thinking about the...

2 min read

GMP v cGMP. What's the difference?

GMP is part of the best practice guidelines (GxP) which the FDA and other official bodies refer to in their re...

3 min read

What Is cGxP?

cGxP (also known simply as GxP) is an acronym used by the FDA and other regulators within the life science ind...

4 min read