More Resources for Pricing


more resources for pricing

I'd no sooner hit the publish button on my blog post about the Psychology of Pricing when I remembered the folks at Product Focus had a fairly recent issue of their journal specifically on Pricing. I had a quick re-read and definitely recommend it as a useful resource on the topic.

Most of the product managers I talk too are (justifiably) in awe of the work done by Pragmatic Marketing. Their framework graphic is totally the reference point for the industry. Product Focus are definitely worth a look too. Their journal is clear, authoritative and full of useful stuff you can actually implement. It has a cover price but I believe you can register to get it for free. If their training is as good as their writing, it would be top-quality. If you work alone as a product manager it might be a more cost-effective solution than heading to the States for a training course. If you are part of a team, I like the idea of doing the training in-house rather than attend a public course.

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