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document freedom day

Today is the day the world celebrates Document Freedom Day and we'd like to add our support to this from everyone at Cognidox.

"Document Freedom" is a concept and the technology to make that concept feasible. That concept is an end to the idea that just because you wrote your words down using a particular software tool running under a particular operating system, you cannot use those words in other tools and on other systems.

Companies using Cognidox frequently have a mixture of Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. For as long as they use it, we'll continue to make it just as easy for them to store a LibreOffice file as a Microsoft Office file.

Speaking of Microsoft, it's good that there's more use of well-documented and published formats in Office applications. It allows us to do things like manipulate document metadata in Word. Some day, maybe the Save As menu will have the Open Document Format option as the first choice.

We're not yet in a place where documents are free - things still wind up locked away in proprietary formats. It's getting there, and as we exchange more and more electronic information, document freedom is going to become more important. We're waiting for the day when DFD isn't needed when all your data is free to be modified by whatever software you choose to use.

As developers, when we look at our roadmap and things we want to work on in general, it's open standards and open data that make the most interesting mash-ups possible.

So, here's to Document Freedom.

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Paul Walsh

Written by Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh was one of the founders of Cognidox. After a period as an academic working in user experience (UX) research, Paul started a 25-year career in software development. He's worked for multinational telecom companies (Nortel), two $1B Cambridge companies (Ionica, Virata), and co-founded a couple of startup companies. His experience includes network management software, embedded software on silicon, enterprise software, and cloud computing.