Open Source Software Adoption - the Risks


open source software adoption

Gartner ran a user survey (available here - registration required) on the adoption and usage of Open Source software. It found to no great surprise that adoption was more than 50%, that cost cutting was a key driver for adopting OSS, and that the popular applications for OSS were in customer service / analytics, business analytics, enterprise integration and finance / administration.

What is a bit surprising is linking the fact that only one-third of the user companies had a formal OSS policy in place to the "intellectual property risk or supportability risk associated with using OSS".  My understanding of the sample is that these are companies using OSS for IT applications inside their own company and are not distributing anything. Where's the major IP risk in that? And what procurement would ever take place in software that didn't consider how the product was to be supported?

At least the adoption numbers are moderately useful.

Tags: Open Source Software, Business Process Models