Raising money for Cancer Research UK

raising money for cancer research

The good life is getting a little too good at CogniDox HQ, so our tech guys Vittal and Adam have ‘volunteered’ to raise our key Average-Activity-Per-Employee metric really quite significantly indeed by taking part in a sponsored bike ride this June 2012 from Cambridge to Paris. Vittal and Adam will be cycling along with other hearties from The Free Press pub (the best pub in Cambridge, btw). Naturally, we'll all be paying handsomely for the privilege of not having to do anything remotely strenuous like this. They'll take the pain so we won't have to.

The goal is to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The serious bit is that we all know someone affected by or lost to Cancer and if you’re in a giving mood today we'd love to steer you over to the Just Giving website to make a small (or large) sponsorship donation.

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