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The Library contains a number of documents published from our own CogniDox system with a “Public” License. Other documents with more restricted access licenses are instead published to our Support web portal, where they are available for download by customers.


The FAQs section contains a growing list of the questions we get asked most often. Once again, answers to more technical questions can be found on our Support web portal.


The News section contains a list of all press releases we have made over the years.


The Training page features one of our on-line interactive video training packs. The one featured is the entry-level End User training pack. It covers the same topics as our in-person 2 hour training session. You may find it a useful way to find out more detailed information about CogniDox features. Or, it’s a useful reminder if you want to recreate part of a training course you attended. We have a range of additional training packs and these are available to download from our Support web portal.

Startup Toolkit

The Startup Toolkit is a free resource. Here you will find a list of tools we have found to be useful in our journey as a startup, plus the alternatives we considered before making our choices. The list is set out as an interactive mindmap (one of the ways you can publish from CogniDox) to make it easy to use.